Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation - What the Employer Must Know
Workers' Compensation Claims and MSA Pitfalls
Workers' Compensation - 2009 Amendments
When to Settle CAT / Non Cat and Medicare / Non Medicare Claims
The Hiring Process - What Employer's Must Know
From Hiring to Firing - The Workers' Compensation Process
SITF - Assessments, Reimbursements, and Settlements
SITF - Settlement Reimbursement
Ten Common Mistakes of Claimant Attorneys

Employment Law
FLSA 2015: Employee Classification and Revised Exemptions
The New Economy and The HR Professional
Immigration Issues facing Georgia Agribusiness
Investigating Workplace Discrimination
Performance Evaluations
Training and Internal Investigations of Discrimination and Harassment
Hiring and Background Checks
COBRA and The AARA of 2009
ADA Amendments of 2008
EEOC Investigations
FMLA Regulations - Then and Now
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
Small Business Update
Albany Chamber of Commerce Presentation - June 2009
Understanding the Compliance Maze
What if you made the wrong hire?

Automobile Liability

Recent Developments In Georgia Automobile Insurance Law

Vendor Service Contracts
Deceased Account Holder Issues
Expanding Scope of Lender Liability
Like Kind Exchanges in Georgia
Secured Lending
The Effect of Tax Liens on a Creditor
Recent Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Will Impact Individuals and Small Businesses

Amendments to the Truth in Lending Act as Found in the Bankruptcy Prevention and Consumer Protections Act of 2005
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
The Appointment of a Trustee in a Farmer - Chapter 11 Case and the Related Discovery

Estate Planning

Life Estates and Precatory Trusts
Favorable Developments for Bona Fide Conservation Use Property will Complement Estate Planning
Receipt of a Bequest or Devise: Basis, Holding Period and Character
Recent Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Will Impact Individuals and Small Businesses
Sale of a Business: Asset Sale


Avoiding Fatal Flaws in Guaranties
Common Bankruptcy Concerns for Lenders
Dealing with Decedent's Estates
Guaranty Agreements - Avoid Pittfalls that could Invalidate
Guidelines for Allowing Use of Powers of Attorney and Dealing with Decedent's Estates
Perfection and Priority Rules for Purchase Money Security Interests
Subpoenas and Requests for Production - How can you safely respond?
UCC Financing Statements - Continuation and Lapse