Diverse, Focused Legal Representation In Georgia

Most businesses and individuals seeking legal representation need a team with a broad range of expertise to handle any matter that could arise, but it is also important to work with lawyers who have knowledge and experience regarding the specific legal matter at hand.

At the Georgia law firm of Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C., we have knowledge and experience in a broad range of legal practice areas. However, we specialize in specific practice areas, so that each attorney has remarkable focus and understanding of whatever issues each client is facing.

With offices in Albany, Atlanta, Valdosta and Savannah, we represent clients in legal practice areas that include:

Commercial, Banking And Business Law Practice

Our Commercial, Banking and Business law practice area addresses all needs of the business community, from complex loan transactions and collection efforts for banks and financial institutions, to commercial contracts and transactional matters. In addition, our lawyers have broad expertise in protecting creditor rights in bankruptcy, as well as commercial collection actions. Our business litigators are also well versed in handling any business dispute. Finally, our attorneys possess the skill and experience to handle any legal matter pertaining to agriculture and agribusiness.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate practice group lawyers represent clients in residential and commercial law matters. We also represent large business farms, agricultural lenders and other clients in agricultural real estate matters.

Employment Practice

We provide sound counsel for employers in compliance, benefits and executive compensation packages and related matters, as well as strategic litigation services for employers.

Wealth And Business Planning

For businesses and individuals, our attorneys handle wealth planning, business planning, and probate, estate proceedings and administration.

Insurance And Workers' Compensation Defense

We provide strong litigation defense for businesses and insurance companies, and we defend employers against workers' compensation claims.

Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys find favorable, amicable resolutions to disputes through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in workers' compensation and other legal disputes.

We use our rare combination of breadth of practice and depth of knowledge to maximize efficiency for our clients. For each case, we make sure to assign a team of attorneys who have specific knowledge in the legal issues at hand. Our clients never have to pay for our learning curve.

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