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Commercial Litigation

The Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. law firm focuses on the full spectrum of business and commercial law and has designed this website to provide information on our commercial litigation practice. Today's business environments are increasingly complex, as are the disputes arising from business relationships. Litigation can significantly impact a company's ability to meet its business objectives. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in disputes ranging from initial negotiations to appeals to final performance. Our courtroom experience is invaluable in effective trial preparation and presentation. By complementing our legal expertise with business savvy, we ensure that our clients are equipped to make informed decisions that are conducive to promoting a successful future.

Contracts are the legally enforceable agreements made between individuals and entities and form the foundation of any business relationship. Unfortunately, when parties are unable to settle contract conflicts through mediation or arbitration, aggressive litigation is the only alternative. In these cases, our attorneys are equipped with the experience and resources necessary to escalate litigation matters to the highest courtroom levels. We have provided litigation and defense services to clients involved in legal issues related to:

  • Contracts,

  • Breach of Contract,

  • Professional relationships (duties of director and officers, conflicts of interests, minority shareholder claims),

  • Environmental law.

Whether the lawyers at Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. are working with entrepreneurs or publicly-traded companies, the firm brings efficiency, effectiveness and experience to each client. Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. are committed to resolving our clients' business disputes in the most effective and expeditious manner possible. Please contact us today at 229-888-3338 or email us at or

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