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The Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. law firm focuses on business and commercial law. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of commercial law, including foreclosure proceedings. The firm's experience has taught us that the efficient use of resources often helps to reduce or eliminate the lengthy delays associated with those proceedings. We have helped many clients by providing effective legal strategies to help their business prepare the best course of action. Whether our attorneys are working with entrepreneurs or publicly-traded companies, the firm brings efficiency, effectiveness and experience to each client.

A foreclosure is the forced sale of real or personal property by a financial institution to satisfy an outstanding debt. When a commercial mortgage borrower is delinquent on a scheduled payment, the borrower may try to reinstate the loan (repay the arrears and bring the mortgage repayment schedule payment up to date), or the lender can foreclose on the property. Foreclosure enables the lender to declare that the entire mortgage is due and payable immediately through an acceleration clause in the mortgage. We help clients efficiently prosecute foreclosure actions by identifying risk and mitigating loss. Conversely, there may be alternatives to business owners facing foreclosure and we can help them understand the different strategies that may be available to satisfy their creditors. Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. attorneys handle the following types of matters, just to name a few:

  • Contested litigation,

  • Non-judicial work-outs,

  • Acquisition of a distressed businesses,

  • Correcting title defects that may hamper the transfer of title at foreclosure sale,

  • Creditors claims in bankruptcy proceedings,

  • Eviction of former owners and/or tenants.

Your attorney's goal in a foreclosure proceeding is to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Moore, Clarke, DuVall and Rodgers, P.C. can help solve your business problems with practical advice and legal strategies that align with your business goals. Please contact us today at 229-888-3338 or email us at or to discuss your situation.

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